1 January 2013

Well hello there 2013!!

Well, here we are
I am starting as I mean to go on... I will be challenging myself and brushing up on sewing tasks that I am new or intimidated by, First off

These are the culprits for today, A couch cushion cover & a work trouser zip.. Both defo needed repaired!

The thread was a little off, but I'm real close up it's not as noticeable when it's done up...

I reckon I done this with no tutorial and I'm pretty happy with it

I even remembered to move the zip.. Big pat on the back for me!!!


Here is the finished couch cushion cover.. A little squint at parts but all in all, it works looks grand. I am happy with my first sewing project of 2013..

Are you sewing, crocheting knitting or just preping for a project?? Do share!!


Here's a little sugar....

Finn and Frazer were introduced to the world of Lego, Here is one of Finn's creations!! He loved knowing I was going to share with you... I'm sure this will NOT be the last creation from Finn.. Ever the proud mummy is me!!


Ps I'm taking part in #amonthof ~ Brand new

But it will be way more relaxed than last month, and be all about my brand new camera!!

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