18 January 2013

New Janome pinking shears... Ebony Marvels

Hello there.... 
So how is everyone on this FREEZING Friday??? I am feeling productive today... I have a blog post done and have just finished my sewing class (I managed to get all the drawstrings prep-ed and 2 sewn together) Going to get the rest done at the weekend...  I have been playing with my new toy tool today, the overlocker in my school is rather moody.

I am loving the NEW Janome Pinking Shears Santa bought me. I have been hankering over a pair forever, they can make light work of certain jobs. They are a good length and the handles are comfy, I also like that they are not to stiff, My last pair (I'm at a loss for the make) Were terrible they took a life time to loosen up and when they did they shredded all my fabrics... BAD SHEARS.... So after months of no shear action


Here are my new fave tool.

They cut like a dream, no shredding and not stiff..  Happy Traci indeed!

Do you see the fabric and cord..... This is the story sacks for the nursery.. Roll on the end of this project!

Happy Friday  to y'all!


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