6 September 2010

Loose threads Pt1

This post is going to be broke into 4 parts, as there's too much to talk about!
So this is a wee write up about the
Quilts of life
Here in Derry in the Tower museum.

The loose thread quilters was formed in 1996, it is a small group of quilters from all over Northern Ireland. Within this group of 45 people there a wide range of skills, as you will see in the below quilts.
This exhibition was first commissioned by the Mount Stewart Estate to celebrate the life and times of Edith Lady Of Londonderry on the 50th anniversary of her death.

Niall's lion By Mary Crickard

This quilt was inspired by Marys grandson, seeing a lion in the Gardens of Mount Stewart, Mary reckons it might have been the rustling of the leaves. This quilt has so many pieces i can't even imagine how long it took! P.S I reckon that i will be visiting Mount Stewart it looks lovely.

Colour of history By Margaret Woodside

This quilt was inspired by a family banner which hangs in the Mount Stewart chapel. See the Tudor rose in the middle, that's the badge of Edith Womens Legion.

Impressions of Mount Stewart Gardens By Jeniffer Cullen

Jenifer lives 5 mins from Mount Stewart Gardens and loves to walk by the lake. After researching a little i wish i lived this close too.
The rich colours reflect the autumn garden so well.

View from a window By Patrica Ashe

What a view Lady of Londonderry must have had, looking over the gardens, she designed and over to Strangford Lough. Patricia has done the view justice with this stained window effect piece, using fine voiles. This would look so good over someones window.

So i hope you enjoy this post as much as i have enjoyed seeing the exhibit and writing about it. I have learned so many new things too, and may just have to do a bit more reading up on this Edith!!

Please do take the time to check out the the links, they are very much worth the time.
And stay tuned for the other 3 parts!!



  1. I love the view from a window, how cool.
    There was a quilt exhibition at our town hall recently to celebrate the lunch of the book 500 quilts.
    I will try and get some photos

  2. That sound's ace, this exhibition was so good, very inspiring... loved it... it was meters away from my collaboration too :))


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