29 September 2010

More walking?!?!?

Hello there
Firstly sorry the posts have slowed up, to be honest the boys are a little hard at the minute.... But i reckon I'm on the road to order....... vaguely anyways. So basically please bear with me my form & writing skills shall come back in no time. Thank you

So me and the boys were out for our walk today

Finn found some wishys......

And Frazer had a good try to at blowing the petals of his daisy... very cute!

If you click on this photo..... there IS a lovely rainbow!!!

We spotted a ladybird.....

And a mega spider defo had a good feeding spot!!!!

All in all a fab walk was had, Frazer was asleep and me and Finn got to play trains in Starbucks!!



  1. What a perfect walk, rainbow and all! It looks beautiful there and your boys are so cute.

  2. Well done for getting the boys in order, its a task, very draining, but honey, it will pay off and you will see light soon, I promise!
    You do so much, achieve so much, pat yourself on the back, and breath!
    Walking is so good for clearing your head and rainbows are so good for the soul, they never lose their magic do they.

  3. It's great being out in nature with kids when they take an interest - how long was Frazer blowing the daisy for before he realised the petals wouldn't come off? lol



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