6 September 2010

How 2 sew patchwork?!?!?!

So here we have it folk's the last installment to the David & Charles sew series

Patchwork is my new found friend, we are new friends but friends all the same! My first bad with patchwork is i don't wash the fabric..... If I'm honest I don't wash ANY fabrics!But for quilting i think it's more a preference to the sewer?!?

There are fab tips on ironing, pressing seams and cutting triangles too. The 1st of 3 projects actually made my stomach flip! no really BUT i have to say purple does that too me! This book shows you what is do-able, even to the newbie, and it there really is wow factor. The next project is a great stash buster, that the kid's will love... See the pigs above i mean cute or what! Once again templates are provided, so your good to go! The last project may seem scary, a backpack, but i reckon the earlier you are introduced to the zipper the better, saves you getting the fear! I am only just getting over!

So in conclusion for me the
How To Sew Series By David and Charles.

The books as a series, for me have been a good read, i think anybody looking to get in to sewing would thoroughly enjoy these books, and as a person who sews already i got a couple of tips too. Another bonus for me is that I am a hoarder of books. I now think that E-books have a place in my life, i mean i don't need to have every book on my shelve now do I! Also there is the pollution/waste issue too..... i mean all the P&P and the delivering. I am in no way saying i will never buy a book again, just that my eyes have been opened and there is space for a E-book or 2!!

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
This book


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  1. I like the sound of that & how cute are those little pigs!


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