6 September 2010

thanx mate!!

Hello there

This is a post for my friends 2 in particular.
Both of them i have not seen for years, and i mean years! We have been facebook buddies popping in and saying hi hello for ages, but now we all have more things in common.... Kids for a start, blogs & our love of music has been there from the start, to be honest it's how i met them both. They have been a wealth of help to me in the last few days.....


See my new blog in all it's yummyness??? Well it's all down to Bonnie, she walked me through the whole process, and all in my comments too! This is a crafty lady well worth keeping your eye on, i say after her craft fair on Saturday coming, we will be seeing a lot more of her!!

And at the I am trying to get a hold of my English you know, crossing the Ts & dotting the Is. And so far I think I'm getting there it's a slow process, old habits and all! I could not have even begun this process without Aimee as my teacher, and facebook instant chat! Her blog is fab and is written Glaswegian.... To top off the brilliant writing, she's damn funny!!!

"Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen"
--Samuel Paterson

so readers if you fancy a wee read and have the time pop on over!!!!



  1. "Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen"
    --Samuel Paterson
    Couldn't agree more :)
    Kandi x

  2. awwh petal! your so sweet! I am proper welling up! Really, I am :)
    You know, you need to credit yourself too, your amazing and I love you xx

  3. i just wanted to know that it was very much appreciated and so are you sometime mummies don't hear it enough. love you too bonnie xoxo


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