14 September 2010

His 1st day :o)

So today was the first day of creche,
Finn loved it, Frazer not so much but he'll take time. He's only in once a week and still a wee baby so that's totally what i expected. As much as i love that i will have a bit of time to myself.... It means they are growing up huh my wee boy's heading for nursery where does the time go!



I was in the same building today doing a course called the
nurturing program,
it has had rave reviews, from friends who have taken part in the 12 week course. To be honest i think it sounds real good so far.... seems to be all about praise so we'll see! This is the book we are working from..... I'll be sure to let you all know what i think, i have to read through the first section now that i have the book at home....

Have you heard of the course???
Have you done it????
Do tell!!!!!



  1. Your so lovely! Bless you & your wee family.
    My girls couldn't wait to be around new people.
    That course sounds great, the book looks very interesting.
    I wish I had done it! Its hard to be positive and constructive all the time, they/life wear you down!
    Good luck with it, I am sure you will enjoy it.
    When do you start your sewing classes?

  2. Thank you Bonnie :o) i just finished the first chapter a good read and a lot of self discovery.... Realization and time management will have to come into force soon!! xx

  3. Such little sweeties, they look like butter wouldn't melt!
    Well done with the freemotion machine embroidery.

    love fi x


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