13 September 2010

My 1st free motion...

Hello there peeps.... so i have been busy sewing sewing sewing....

Firstly i have finished my "orna" bag for a friend johns wife, it's a bit late but hey hey!! I do have to get a handle on my time management though!!! Well that or don't leave it till the last minute!!

from this tutorial

As you can see i am a lot better in the last pic..... Well i see a difference anyways....

Things i have learned....

It's not a thing I can rush, when i concentrate it looks way better!!
Use more pins to baste, as i have lots of wrinkles at the back,
Take breaks, staring for to long at the same thing is not for me!!!
Practice makes perfect..... I hope!!!!

have you seen my giveaway??

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  1. That was meant to be my job for today, but I baled and went furniture shopping(see blog)instead.
    I think you've done really well, did you where gloves?
    I went to my local shop and they didnt sell them and didnt advise I did either, but I aksed Christina and she said you can do it without, but to trust here, gloves make a massive differnce.
    What did you think?

  2. i think for the practice there is no need really there's no weight so nothing really to grip on too.... on a proper quilt then i would say they will be great as they are well bigger and heavier.... PS i bought gardening gloves out the pound store they do the same job xx away to read your blog now xx

  3. The free motion quilting looks very tricky but, oh the results! Beautiful!

  4. Congratulations! You are off to a great start, thank you for inviting me over to see your work, I am so happy you decided to try it!

  5. I think you 'bagged' the September challenge. I love the colours of the bag - it looks great.

  6. A beautiful bag - what a lot of work and care has gone into it - it's lovely.


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