13 September 2010

A sewing directory??

Morning lovely people
So how's your Monday going??

I wanted to share a lovely site with you.....

It is a new-ish site for me, i have to say I LOVE it! Fiona the lady who runs this site is more than approachable and very helpful.... She has links galore, and more competitions than you can shake a stick at with loads of fab interviews too!! Fiona has a fab Facebook page, as well as a excellent blog........ if you have the time you should defo have a wee read over her blog..... And I have to say i look forward to her Facebook updates and links...

My boy's were meant to be going to a wee creche today, but the bus is off today so, we will be going tomorrow...

Finn missed nursery this year, as he's a august baby he will be the oldest in class. I was lucky to be given a space in a Surestart 4 days a week for Finn and Frazer 1 for 2 hours, so i will have lots of time on my hands! well this is my hope anyways have to say i think it's all a bit emotional.... i mean my wee guy is nearly away too school!
Where does the time go!!!




  1. Its so liberating when they go off to school, or creche, but it is sad too!
    You get over it though hun! lol
    Of to check out your link xxx

  2. Well there we go - I'd seen comments on there from someone I thought I recognised - it was you ;)

    Your boys look so happy playing in the sand - bet they'll love being at surestart with all their facilities.

  3. your on facebook?!?!? you should add me?!?!? i'm never off it!!! good way of keeping in touch xx


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