17 September 2010


Good evening peeps
Have y'all had a great day???

My day has been filled with tracing and marking my muslin.... Which is taking soooo long! I know it will be worth it but kids don't make such tasks so easy!!!

Talking of kids.......
Me and my boys went for a walk today, as we do everyday to get naps started,

There were lots of sheep......

Lots of leave kicking,
i really enjoyed watching them at play :o)

The cows had moved to a new fields for grazing......

I found holly growing everywhere,
I shall be claiming some of this later in the year.......

I also found these lovely berries sprouting everywhere,
I wouldn't eat them, as they are near a busy road, the pollution may be too much, but does anyone have tips for dying with it???? Can i use them for dyeing?????

This rock has caught my eye so many times, but today i had my camera and had to share!

My fascination with leaves as the seasons change continues but how could it not.... I mean look at all the colours......

So after a long day my oldest was more than tuckered out, i have stopped his afternoon nap for the last 2 days, a 3 year old going to bed at 10.30pm is a no no in my book! I am also trying to sort out the above picture..... the wee guy just won't go to sleep in his own bed! I have tried moving him to his brothers room... That didn't work, I tried putting him in my bed.... you guessed it that didn't work either! I know when it's 1am because he runs in to my bed! This has been going on for say, 7 weeks now! Tonight i went upstairs to get something and look again with the not in bed! although stressful....
It is very cute!



  1. I am loving all your pictures, especially of the wee man at the gate, bless him and you!
    I have no idea how to fix this.
    I had the girls sleeping in their own beds from week four, and they only come into my bed when they are sick or stressed about something, which isn't often now days.
    I can remember having to be hard at some points, hard and consistent.
    Your doing great, don't sweat the small stuff hun xxx

  2. Good luck with the muslin, I've not gotten that far yet!

    My son (almost 5) has been sleeping with us for well over a year!

  3. that walk looks divine! you have lovely surrounds!
    and very cute boys!
    The bed removing takes time - all of my boys slept with me till a few years old, and we did a slow removal with all but teh youngest who has taken it to a duck to water. Good luck!

  4. I love walks we are going to start again now the warmer weather is coming. Where you have walk looks lovely - i loved all your photo's especially the fence one with the boys in the leaves and looking across the fields :-) I hope the bed routine works out ok.


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