2 September 2010

Pattern sale yum-yum

So i have to share my latest pattern buy's
Simplicity has a half price sale, you can't go wrong with accessorizes, and especially bag's the style can always be updated, just a little fabric revamp and your ready to go!

I bought these 3 pattern's

And have my eye on another few, they shall be added to my wonderful stash.... mmmm

Talking of pattern stashes.... Do you have pattern's you don't use? Ones that have missing part's? this site is the place for you... such a find, they can source many lost piece, and are more than willing to share the wealth... Intrigued? you won't regret it!!!

Have you found any new pattern's of late? Or a new fab site? Please do share :)



  1. Eek!! You naughty thing I have just spent £23 quid, I ordered two of the ones you have too. I wanted them all! Thanks for the heads up.
    Kandi x

  2. it's on till the 18th of september x

  3. Nice buy! I like the little bag on the let the best :)
    I have been getting into origami of late and I thought about making some in fabric, so looking around the interweb I found a cool site:


    They have patterns/instructions for all of the designs!
    A good find!


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