6 September 2010

How 2 machine sew?!?!?

So here is my 3rd review of the sew series from David & Charles

So were at the stage in the series where, the sewing machine is being investigated and used.... Still at this stage there should be no need to own a machine, maybe there is someone you can borrow it from?? Maybe the person who got you interested in the first place!

The first thing that this book this book made me do was..... Smile... It talks of sewing with no thread and on lined paper! I remember hearing such words and laughing it off! To say i wasted a lot of fabric trying to sew in straight lines is every much a understatement!

This book has a clear set of tips from pining, seams to stitches. There are also 3 patterns in this installment, first is a super cute and easy to make bag, the above pictured scatter cushion which i think is lush..... BUT i have to wait, till my wee ones are a bit older for such loveliness as it would never last! Now the last project calls out to the hippie in me, it's a light weight pocket blind, and very easily made and i reckon i would have a crystal in every pocket, to create clam. I think you could also use this as a replacement to a bead curtain in a door way.

This book has a lot to offer and further entices the reader to sew, another great part to this series!

Book 1
Book 2
this book
Book 4


  1. I did the same! Wasted loads of fabric, luckly I hadn't found good suppliers at that stage!
    In fact it is only recently that I have been able to actually make something without having to make a toule first, except for clothes, as I have a fair way to go in that department!

    Great review again, how did you go at college? Are you enrolled?

  2. Yeah enrolled and start next Monday night!!! can not wait!!! :))


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