16 September 2010

Hunting & Gathering

Today was filled with hunting & gathering supplies...

I am now ready to get on with making my muslin for this Coat-along .......

I collected my Burda magazine, Such a good issue too, hoping that the above link shall aid me in much fabulous sewing tips on fitting/tailoring,

I got a few supplies for the sewing box too.....

I managed to pop in to the library and found this book, it's written in threat letter theme never seen it before..... Crazy huh!
It's called Woman's World by Graham Rawle

Well i'm off to start my muslin.... this was just a virtual kick up the butt, to make sure i actually get my muslin done tonight wish me luck!!!!



  1. Go girl!
    I started my coat about three months ago, still haven't finished it x

  2. Gertie is using a Bridal couture tutorial for the muslin.... maybe in over my head!!!! there has to be a first time though huh!!!


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