22 September 2010

Creative fun fun fun

Well hello there
How's everyone doing on this rather muggy Wednesday night ?!?!?!?
I have been trying to take many a good picture, for my wee Facebook shop.... see over there to the right.... Go on have a nose..... maybe you could like me too!!!!!
Yes a shameless plug!!!!!

OK enough of all that!!
My creative space...

I have a few crayon rolls made up....

A few more on the cutting table......

My wonderful granny Mattie gave me all her buttons a while ago, and i have been having a rummage through them........

Also i have been gathering Xmas cotton & notions.
Thought I'd give you a wee peek!!!

Check out more crafty folks here!!!!!



  1. oooh lush things :)
    There is nothing quite so exciting as a vintage button stash is there!

  2. Those Christmas buttons look good. What are you planning to do with them?

  3. There's nothing quite like a good button rummage. Have fun. x

  4. I love those crayon rolls - we used to keep our crayons in the dog! lol
    and there is no better treasure than granny's button tin...



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