1 September 2010

Belfast adventure

Our Belfast adventure was amazing, we managed to get a real good day for it too, it reached 19 degrees with all the blue sky's you could wish for. Shame i the boy's didn't feel the same way! To say the boy's were hectic would be very much a understatement, but i am never a one to miss a photo opportunity. Especially when i come upon such fabulous view's.

So i do plan to go back to Belfast, but not until i can entertain the boy's on the 1hour 30min journey down. I know exactly what i am doing when i arrive! Two thing's i will definitely be doing is going back to the Oxfam vintage shop, i mean genuine vintage dresses for a tenner?!?!?! That's a no brainer. And as my luck would have it on the way out of Belfast i found a dressmaking shop! I never managed to get a wander in but next time i most defiantly will!


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