7 September 2010

Autumn is coming

Well, i looked out the window this morning it looks much the same as yesterday.

Yes wet & windy! But I have to say that, I don't really mind i love my willies & a good old woolly jumper! I live in the UK one must at least like a little rain.... As we get a lot!!

As i sit eating my favorite breakfast, my thoughts go to one particular picture i took yesterday.... I must add whilst taking my picture i was looked upon as rather strange! But those who know me know that I never miss a opportunity!

Yes like the tile says..... Autumn is coming and this lovely leave told me this. How could this lovely wee leave not make you smile! The colours are fab, also i look forward to me and the boys getting out and having a good old kick of the fallen leaves!

So i reckon today will be filled with a new 2mm crochet adventure, one i can carry around in my bag too! Oh how i love the vintage... I mean look at the hook & the darning floss, I reckon I will keep the card when I'm done!

And this blanket has come a long way..... But still has a bit to go, so will try get more done today.
Who says rainy days are bad days.... Not me!!

So are you up to anything nice today?!?!?



  1. Looking forward to see your crochet!! Is crochet easier than knitting? I struggle with knitting because I can't hold needles properly. I often think I might be luckier with one smaller crochet needle.

  2. hi suzy i do more crochet than knotting depends on what you wanna make not your mama's crochet is a fab book for all levels if you wanted to give it a go easy to find on amazon real cheap too!! x


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