5 September 2010

how 2 applique?!?!?!!?!?

Hello there,
So I'm back with the second review of David & Charles how to sew series

Applique french verb "apply"

This was like having my own teacher, it has step by step instructions for using bondaweb/wondaweb & has a few tip's along the way too.

I love that this book gives you the instructions for hand stitching not just machine stitching, so if your still on the fence this book offer's a dip! Before you decide (which you will) to get a sewing machine.

There are a a few easy to use templates you can use to say, jazz up a bag or cover a hole in your wee one's jacket or jeans. Now if you don't just love the bunting project in this book then your a lost cause, but that's just me! Yeah yeah i know, it's all about the stash you have but this inspires. The last project is a really cute laundry bag, it has all the templates at the back of the book again, i think i might just be making this for my friend Andygirl, she always need's a hand in that area!

I enjoyed reading this book, and i think it's great there are templates, so you can start on something straightaway. Knowing blanket stitch is the only thing you need to get on with your projects. And to my surprise there was suppliers to not only for UK but the US too.

I have the other 2 reviews ready to be typed up but that's on tomorrow's list!

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  1. Applique! I did my first applique last week, my 8ft banner! OMG I wish I'd had a book like this to learn from first!
    I love your reviews


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