2 September 2010

Rummaging @ home & abroad!

hello there, in a earlier post i mentioned Belfast, well i managed to find a secondhand shop or two, and as ever book's were my focus. I found these book's....
I have looked at for some time, and as it turns out i am a fan of her chic fashion..... Well when my ever changing mood call's for it that is! It is happily going to sit on my ever growing book shelve!

And this book, well any crafter worth their weight would not have walked past it, the moment i seen it i took a deep breath in!

And yes it was more than called for, this book is brimming with vintage fantastic-ness.....

I mean look at this......

And this.......

And this...... I can't wait to investigate it further!

And these lovely sheet's where found closer to home, they are meant for better thing's, i have no doubt you shall see in the near future.

And last but by no mean's least! Wool but not just any wool..... Double knit and 4 ply, not the usual mohair! This is going to be flower's and scarves!

So so have you found any good book's of late? fancy sharing a link?!? Oh please do :)



  1. Oh I love your sheets. Can't wait to see what you do with them

  2. thanx Kazza, reckon it'll be quilt's!!


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