2 September 2010

How 2 sew?!?!?!?

So a question for you.....
What do you think of E-Book's? Do they muster much though?
For me if I'm honest, they have never mustered a though....
So this book gave me a surprise,

How to sew: The Basics
David & Charles

As i said above this book gave me a surprise, being that it was my first E-Book. The first thing i liked about this book was it's talk of recycling, I'm all for such thinking. The book also give's the new sewer a insight in to interfacing, i only found about at a later stage of my sewing day's! There is a comprehensive write up on fabric types, seam allowance's & washing of said fabric's.
This book has a basic sewing kit must have.... as ever i approach such a page with caution but to my surprise, i actually agree with 10 of the 12 listed, and i wholeheartedly agree with the need for a excellent iron and iron board... this is one thing i learned after a few sewing mishaps.
All in all i found this E-book to be a great book for "getting started in the world of sewing ". And by no mean's solely for the machine sewer!

i have to say, this could be a contender for the Xmas list of any budding sewer.
Please do watch this space as there are 4 book's within this series, and i will have a write up AKA review in the next couple of day's..... You might even get a PDF sneak peek if i can work out how to work the thing!!!!

This book
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4



  1. Thanks for this review Traci! Where is this book available? I'm not entirely sure about ebooks either. They sure save shelf space, paper and often money. But I think I like paper, and I like to flick through pages more than scrolling down the screen. Still, I'm so grateful for all the fantastic resources and ebooks that are available on line for free! Looking forward to your other reviews!

  2. Fuoriborgo the books will be available on the RUCraft site: www.rucraft.co.uk in a couple of weeks, the release has been a tad delayed but they should be out soon.



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