27 November 2012

Feeling a little Craftsy... & Loved!!!

Hello there peeps
We have lift off!!!!
I can now post with photos, A massive thanx to Teresa of affectioknit... I so wouldn't be able to do this without her help... Lovely, patient lady. Thanx so much.

So what have I bee up to??

Well I am a year older

21 AGAIN of course!!
The boys are doing real well. Nursery is going so well Frazer was so ready to start, I think that he watched Finn  all year he was just bursting to get started!!
Finn is turning out to be quite the artist... This makes me a very happy mummy!!! He is full of gold stars, My only niggle and for me is a biggie... There is a wee bugger bullying him. I myself was bullied and I will not have it for my wee boy... I have arranged a meeting at the school and hope to have this resolved, It is a shame that it seems to be bully or be bullied in school...
Anyways I shall keep you posted!!! on to a happier note.... Check out our lovely school photo.
This is just the proof photo, but I'm loving it!! All grown up..
I got one done of Frazer on his own... He looks so angelic!!
I've also been out scouring the web for fab classes.... And then..... DRUM ROLL.... I was gifted 3 Craftsy classes... The classic tailored shirt, Beginner Serging & The Couture dress. I am a very happy lady indeed!!
I have also been sewing away I now have 2 pairs of pj's done, just one left and that's 3 Christmas pressies down!! I am using vintage patterns.. (I shall add them later) I have to say the plackets are DEMENTING ME!!! But practise makes perfect! so I reckon this last pair will be brilliant, lessons learnt with the first 2 pairs!!

I have to have a extra seam on the last pair, on the outer leg. I  am running low on this lovely fabric (I shall get you the makers name for the last pair post!) This fabric is lovely and thick such a treat to work with... They will be cosy to wear, bearing in mind they are cotton!!
Well I hope you enjoy this post I'm off for round to.... I have some Kimono work to share!!

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