9 November 2012

Planes, trains & automobiles!!!!

Good afternoon

How is everyone?? Me and the boys are having a wee break :) It's been all taxis, trains, buses & planes!! I have to say I'm lucky enough to have 2 good little travellers.. There were no complaints until the last 30mins!

I do love the Irish countryside... It makes the 1.5hour bus journey  a nice one!!

This is a bridge on the way into Belfast...

Check out my wee troupers!!

This is a fab shot of Finn... We are taking off at this point!!

You can see why it's called the Emerald Island!!

Action shot landing!!


Anyways were here now... Settled with a nights sleep in us. We've found a trade in shop already and have 3 movies to keep us entertained. It's movie night here too!! Not only did I find a trade in BUT.... I also found a shoe shop.

I adore these.... They might have to come home with me!!!!

Well that's all for now... I have to boys bursting with excitement, Forbidden Planet is calling them!!



  1. Looks like they enjoy flying a lot more than I do. Have a great time.

    1. They had the best time they do love flying... I am a lucky mummy!! x


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