16 November 2012

WoW just WoW.....

Hello there Peeps...
I have not abandoned my blog, Just was taken over by Manchester there for a while. I have to say I am very much in love with the place.. It has the best buzz about it. I was so taken over by the buzz of it all I forgot to take my camera out of my bag most days.. So I would like to say this is a photo filled post but hey, it's just my wildly words to stir up the imagination!!!!
We were so lucky to be in Manchester for the Christmas lights switch on!!! It was busy busy and to be honest we ended up leaving early but the boys really enjoyed it. Like I say the buzz is out of this world!!
We also went to Legoland..... Fab for the boys BUT if you ever go find a money off coupon some where!!!! That being said the boys did love it. (The family ticket was £54.... The year membership was £97!!!!)
Now peeps I have to say after living in Derry for so long I was like a lost lamb in the Traford Centre!!! Has anyone been there???? It is so so so HUGE!!!! This is a pic of a little part just walking through it a walk way you might say!!
And more walk through....
Look at Frazer, A Christmas tree mummy!!!!
Do you see the marble seats...
I have to say this was the cutest thing ever, BIG bears singing and moving the boys LOVE LOVE LOVED it.... (as did I to be honest the kiddy in me still lives on!)
This is a shot from inside the Traford centre.... It was CHRISTMAS already in there, can you tell I'm in love? It is a very spend spend spend enviroment, BUT I loved it all the same there were so many inspirational windows to look in, me and the boys done nothing but smile whilst there!!

On the way home we discovered a Ice Ice rink.... Selfridges too!!! I can't wait till the boys are old enough I love the rink!!!
Well that's the photo's this time round!! not many I feel I should have taken heaps more but hey we were to busy having fun!!

The flight home was as good as the one on the way there..... I am oh so proud of my wee happy travellers!!!
Well I'm off I have to go see the Christmas craft fair in Guildhall. I have a couple more posts to get up but will get them up very soon... It's a battle of kids, housework, blogging and sewing!!! I'm not too sure who's winning at the min!!!
I hope everyone is having a fab day.... After all it is Friday!!!!


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