3 November 2012

Crochet.... Freestylin!! blogtoberfest #30

Hey there

So I totally fell behind on the whole Blogtoberfest!!! But I shall finish Better late than never right?!!?

I have been bitten by the crochet bug again.. To be honest I think my crafty side has quite the battle. sewing and crochet fight one another often, Crochet has me hooked for now. (punn intended!) So much so that I have bought 5 patterns over at Etsy. I always go with free tute's but hey they were lovely patterns & the price was do~able!!

This is a  very cute pixie bonnet, I've made it for age 1-3yrs and added a flower & button combo I'm loving it can't wait to get on with making more!!!
Now on to my freestylin!!
I was loving making away at other peoples designs BUT I reckon I'm gonna give designing my own adult pixie hat a go... I have to say that pulling down crochet is as frustrating as holding a seam ripper, again with a BUT I will have a fab pattern at the end of it!!

This is the story so far! I know I'm not giving much away, but it's all in the surprise AKA Ta-Da! Has anyone ever made up their own pattern?!?!? How did it turn out?!?!

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