8 July 2012

Stash bustin on the wool front!

 Oh dear I have been a bad blogger!!!


I do have a vauge good excuse though...
I have been stash busting and stock growing, I plan to open a shop in November when my wee guys head off to school and are in full time. I also need to make some room in the newly made sewing room!! When I did go in to the new sewing room, I found a bin bag of wool. I mean how did I end up with so much?!?!?! I thought I only hoarded fabric! Alas it seems not... So I got to a little crocheting.

 This is what I have come up with so far - 1 circle scarf/snood, 5 flowers 6 wash cloths and 32 giant granny squares...

 Aren't these just yummy looking!!
They are made with 100% pure cotton, I just love 'em.

 I reckon my granny squares are gonna be chunky blankets, I have used 3 different strands and a 12mm hook. They are so lovely I might find it difficult to let go of!!

So what do you think of the colour combinations?!?! I can't wait to show you them all made up. Is anyone else planning shop openings or craft fairs this year?!?! Or are you just trying a little stash busting?!?!?

I'm off to watch spiderman AGAIN!!!! When my boys decide they like a movie they never tire watching it over & over & over!!



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