16 March 2010

my boy's

this is my wee smiler Finn

& this is my wee menace Frazer

Finn is 2.5yrs old

Frazer is 1yr old

there is 16 month's between my boy's BRAVE i hear you mutter!!!!!!!


i have been with mark for 4 year's now we meet in Glasgow whilst he was working, I'm originally from Edinburgh moved to northern Ireland to say i have itchy feet is a understatement!!!

my wee boy's arrived very quickly hence the age difference
it's hard work on all for of us BUT well worth it.......
the boy's are the best of friend's well when Thomas the tank engine isn't involved!!!!!!
my boy's are the best thing to have happened to me
and i now look forward to the memories that we all shall make....
and maybe a little sewing in between
watch this space!!!!

"while we try to teach our children all about life,
our children teach us what life is"


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