3 December 2012


Hello there peeps..
How are we on our Monday morning...
As I've said before I love a Monday it brings order to a house with 2 boisterous boys and a scatty mummy!!!
We have had the best weekend... The weather was bitter cold YES

But we wrapped up warm and headed on up town Derry has a whole craft fair with a few amusements too. The buzz is fantastic (Even if the rides are £2 a pop!!)

The boys LOVED IT.... Oh to be a baby again!!!
When we finished our wanderings around the town we headed to Starbucks and had cookies and milk... I had my first Gingerbread latte this year too with my lemon poppy seed muffin!! PS do you love mollie makes, this is my first issue... LOVING IT!!!!

I done a little window shopping too.... Do we LOVE or HATE the dress??? It's very girlie!!
Anyways to end our fabby weekend The boys set up our wee mini Christmas trees I am loving this years Christmas so much age 5yrs and nearly 4yrs is SUCH a fantastic age!!

I love this last photo so much.... He will get that bauble on with no help.... YES HE WILL!!!
So that's my we gush huh!!! I have to say yes, my boys can be hectic, tiring & frustrating BUT I would never ever change a thing... I love them so so very much. our children are the reason we live love and laugh..... Never get to caught up in the hectic moments, because these moments above will always out weigh them

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