3 December 2012

#reverb12 ~Day 3

Imagine a scenario where you only had one year left to live. What is one thing that you really wish to do that you just haven't had the chance to accomplish yet?
I would like to add: what steps could you take (however small) to ensure that you accomplish this thing in 2013?
Well this is a hard one.... I've had a good think and I reckon I would have to say that, if I had one year to live I would spend as much as I could with my boys in Edinburgh. So that we could spend as much time with my granny Mattie, I would take here places.... Gardens, secondhand shops (she is the thrifting queen!!!) I would also spend some time down in the caravan with here too.... She loves it down there..
I will be booking a few short trips this year, and all of them will be in Edinburgh so I can see my granny Mattie... I have been a a terrible grand-daughter of late, I have to give myself a good shake!! **Slaps own hand** The year ahead will have me re-gaining my conections with family and friends.. Watch out 2013 I'm-a-coming!!!

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