10 March 2012

Books I'm loving.... And maybe some sewing too!

Hello there How is everyone Saturday going.... Me and the boys are having a fab day! They are playing in the toy room whilst I TRY to write this blog post, before we head on out to the garden for a wee run about!

Today we booked our wee beach break to Portstewart, SOOO can't wait only 3 days but 3 day we will enjoy to the MMAAXXX! We also went to the library today and got a few new books...

I found a new book called 20 Floral bags to make

This book is inspiring to say the least..... Here are a few of my faves!

Le roses


The spider's web


The rose stitch

I'm also LOVING The fabric selector it's a fab reference book a must for your book shelve, if your a sewing enthusiast... It shows you all the different types of fabric as well as how to work with it being the needles to use and the care instructions. This book is also recommended
by sewing classes at online universities which is worth checking out!

And now on to my sewing..... That has been put back till tomorrow!!!

I recently found a tutorial for a sewing machine cover, I have the pattern made and the fabric chosen.... I've had this in my stash for so long, it's been sitting waiting to find a use special enough to put scissors to it... I got it on eBay and has been a wee treasure... I just so hope I don't mess it up!!!



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