23 March 2012

St Patricks Day in Derry

Hello there
I've been MIA for a few days, but I was away on my wee break with the boys.. I have sooo many photos, but that's for the next post.

This post is St Patrick's Day fun with the boys!

We had such a blast Derry is great for celebrations, there was heaps for the boy's to do and lots of live music... It was a lovely day too.

The boys playing football, Frazer is really good too...!

A very tired Frazer with shamrock....

Finn with his shamrock....

The live stand playing lively Irish jig music in Guildhall square...

A flamingo of sorts....!

LinkThe market was here YUMMY stuff to be found...!

The garden where I'm staying...

Me & Frazer....

All of us.....

I love this pic!!!

Basically we had a fantastic day and the boys had a brilliant sleep.... I had a hot cuppa and some crochet time!!

Hope you all had a great Paddy's Day


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