24 March 2012

Portstewart Fun


This is a fore warning, this is probably going to be the longest post ever. Especially when we were only away for 3 days but it's going to be well worth the read/look even just to see the beach!

We left on the Sunday being mothers day, I have to say the boys were more excited about the train ride than the holiday it's self!! It was such a lovely day the sun was splitting the sky... And for the first weekend in ages. We were blessed by the sun giver that's for sure!!

The view's on the train were fantastic... The boys were looking for the Fat Controller the whole time too!! Just as they were about to get board they both feel asleep!

I loved the decor all handcrafted!!!
I worked out how to do this blanket and shall do a wee tute on it later..

There was so much crochet...

We had a furry visitor too... Finn was ever patience and was rewarded too, the cat came and stayed with him for ages!

We done a little baking....
The best bit is always licking the spoon!!

My Mother's Day flowers as picked by Finn!

When we got to the cottage (Detached twee house... Which I loved!) The lady Liz was lovely and oh so very helpful, we headed to Tesco to get the shopping in... It was a lovely wee walk and a little exploring was done too. When we got back I got the pj's out and we watched the Incredable's as promised with the fire lit. It was just as I expected... Davine!

Yum Yum....

We went to the infamous Morelli's it's a family run ice cream parlour, which has just celebrated it's 100th year by setting a world record! The ice cream is so lovely. Even if it does give you head freeze!

The boys had a ball at the park by the promenade... Frazer is getting more adventurous too!

You can tell spring is on it's way.... Look at the lush bloom's!
Never fails to put a wee smile on my face...

The beach, in fact the whole town is so so very clean... I mean no litter anywhere, People have so much respect for Portstewart it is so refreshing to see. There were very little shells which the boys found disappointing until we got the cars out that is!! I was amazed at how flat and it was I have to say it is one of the nicest beaches I've seen.

The view form the promenade

A wee pond!!!

The boys having a wee snack!

A lovely cove....

The sun splitting the sky...


It was a little windy whilst there!!!

The boys playing cars...

Trying to get them both to pose at the same time is a thing I have to master!

Finn on a wander, that's Portstweart there in the background!

I would defo recomend Portstewart for a short break, there's a little to do.... But this is what I went for some R&R! There are lots of places to eat out and a club that people give rave reviews about! For a family with young children this is a place to visit.



  1. Looks like a lovely holiday, with sunny weather and the first signs of Spring. The boys look like they have grown a lot too!

    1. That they have Cal... Ever growing huh!!


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