23 April 2012

Elsie marley - KCWC Day 1

OOOhhhh How exciting :)

This is so up my street Kids Clothes Week Challenge... It's all about the kids 1 week 1 hours sewing, I can do that infact I was about to start cutting a pj's pattern for the boys!!

That being said... I'm off to get those scissors!



  1. Oh I wish this had been about when the boys were smaller - I think now if I suggest homemade clothes they'd give me one of those teenage stares!!

    Not that I could even sew when they were small - just wistful thinking on my part!!

    1. Hey vicki How are you been a while... I Love sewing for the boys, they are at a good age they wear with pride!! & I love that they choose the fabric too!!! :)


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