17 April 2012

Manchester's Water....

Hey there Peeps

How are you all?!?!

Me and Frazer are in Starbucks for our wee morning coffee, he is in his element with a new Jigsaw (I have to say I am a massive fan of Ravensburger. They come in boxes with 4 puzzles and are very durable!)

Anyways on with today's post eh!!

I reckon you'd have guessed by now that my Easter holidays were spent in Manchester! We really did have the best time... So good I even forgot to do my usual, that being me taking a stupid amount of pics!!

I did take a few though..

I love this photo I caught the sun just right... Both boys looking in amazement the floor is getting smaller mummy!

I loved this wee guy....!!
There are soooo many water features over in Manchester but I suppose it makes sense to make use of all the rain water we get in the UK!!

Frazer looks so tiny in this one!!

I felt like a strict mum in this pic, they were more than unimpressed that I wouldn't let them run in the water!!

Well that's another wee instalment of our Manchester adventure, I still have the views from the big wheel to show you.. They were fantastic and we got such a good day for it too..

We will be heading back to Manchester in May... Anyone have places that I just shouldn't miss?!?!? We will be booking Legoland before we go this time though!! And I have learnt very quickly... NO DOUBLE BUGGY!! LOL.

Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone, Thanx for stopping by.



  1. Water is so much fun!

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Hello! :)
      Yeah I loved the water features over there are fantastic! x


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