26 April 2012

Starbucks & stitches!

Hello There,
You guessed it me and Frazer are having our wee coffee and muffin in Starbucks! It's a place we both now love; Frazer gets his chocolate fix (Bad Mummy way too early for such things!) And I get to have a surf on the net! That being said I don't like to waste a minuite.... So when I was out on the rag run AKA thrift shopping! I found a lovely wee bag see it there on the right (only £1.99!) It now has my Yo-Yo Maker, thread, needles and pre-cut fabric in it.... Never a moment wasted I say!

It's even purple, I love my new crafty bag!!

Frazer having a good rummage in my bag for his cars!! Normally my bag is a no go area BUT, if I'm getting sewing and a little blogging done..... It's a win win really!
Frazer starts nursery in September.... I'll be just a little lost without him! Both boys will be in P1 and nursery... People say the time flys when they start school/nursery, I look at my boys now and wonder where the time has gone already!

I hope you all have a fab Thursday




  1. I know exactly how it feels- my Daughter is 12 this year- she wears my size clothes and shoes already!

  2. Thank god my boys won't be stealing my shoes!! LOL I love them too much 2 share!

  3. It does go so quickly - really doesn't seem that long ago my two were little like yours - now they tower over me and big son could leave school soon!!

    1. It's crazy Vicki, I can't wait to see Frazer in his wee uniform though!! x


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