29 April 2012

I will wear it.... In public!

Hello there peep's

So how is everyones Sunday going??I had a day filled with catching up on housework, I now have a pile of ironing to do but I figured I was due a break! 


I was over at Craft Gossip there and found a new sew-along/challenge over at Ricochet and away!  I love the concept.... When I do sew, I sew for others so this is a great challenge for me.... Not only am I to sew for me BUT I have to wear my garment/s and be proud wearing them!!

I have signed up & shall be keep you posted....

I'm off to work on my SECRET MISSION!
I'll give you a clue I've just finished pre-washing my linen!

Happy Sunday



  1. Hey there, I am stopping by from the "I will wear it in Public" Challenge. You have the cutest boys!! Can't wait to see what you make out of your linen. You are already ahead of me. (I still need to pre-wash my fabric, he,he)

    1. Hello there Kadie! :) I have the linen for a secret mission... NOT this sew along!!! I shall be keeping everyone posted!! I love my boys to bits! They are the apple of my eye!! Hope you enjoy my wee blog!! x

  2. Hi, Looking forward to seeing what you sew for this month's challenge. As always, I have lots of ideas floating around in my head, but haven't decided on what to do yet...

    1. Thanx pam, I got some fabric or at least some of it today.... I'm about to post! I look forward to seeing your makes too! :)


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