31 January 2011

Become a better photographer.......

Check it out

I follow Craft gossip on Facebook, and they had a link up for online photo sharing and daily email with little assignments and tips to better your photography skills...
All on offer Free from Willette

Why not sign up
I reckon it looks fun.


30 January 2011

Valintines for him & his mum!!

So weird title huh?!?!?
I would have to say, yes.... But I hope it got your attention....
Men are a nightmare to buy/make for no? I have my mother-in law to think of too... I say have to, I don't but she has no one to buy for her... So I wanted to make her feel like she was remembered, she does everything for everyone. And really is just such a giving person, she deserves more than mothers day I say.... So, what have I found to make her??? Well I have been browsing and have come up with a few links....

Does your mum or mother-in-law drink tea? Mines does and is partial to a peppermint tea this wee tutorial is simple but shows you've taken the time... there's is one too same idea...

picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Or how about a fab scrap buster?? I personally L-O-V-E this and might make some purple ones for my room too... My mother in law should really have red bunch!

picture Courtesy of

And this I love this Colette tutorial... know it's spring here but I love it and it is really easy to summer up!!


And now.....
Drum roll peeps, for the men in our lives....

Picture courtesy of

Check out this wee BUTE for the man who loves a wee beer/wine!
Yet another simple but effective pressie.

Picture courtesy of

And these..... Hehehehehe, are great my Mr isn't keen on sweet treats but they are very funny!!

Picture courtesy of

How about a little spice in the night ;)

Picture courtesy of

I am loving this lady here is a new find to me and she does what she says on her tin....
The idea room F-A-B

And well this lady.... She is a inspiration to us all I'm sure a maker of things, and I love that not much money was spent and feelings felt aplenty lovely lady.

Well all of this stuff I might or might not make/do BUT, I have pj's to make from a pattern i won over at Kerrie's

Hope you like this post and hope you can get some use out of it!!!

happy Sunday y'all

PS if your blog/site is on here, and you wish it to be removed. Please do contact me straight away and I shall do so, I have added photos with links straight back to you and I hope you do not mind.


28 January 2011

Walking again... And crochet update !

Hello there, hows your day going? We ventured out for a wee walk, the first really in the year.... It was bitter cold everything was bare. But there was a glimmer of life....

A robin the first I've seen all winter!
Imagine at the end of January... It's only when you stop looking too!
For some reason I always think of my dad when I see a robin. It makes me a person lost in my memories and thoughts of where people go after they have passed.

There was also many a mushroom sprouting...

And Finn very much enjoyed searching for them!

On the crochet front from this post...
I have made some head way, it took 3 hours of fiddling but, I have found the right amount of double crochets and chains to make it flat at the edges wweeee.... I can now get on with finishing the blanket. PS thanx a million for all who gave words of crochet wisdom and took the time to comment :)


26 January 2011

Birthdays & boggies!!!!

My wee boy huh.....
I look at this picture and it feels like just yesterday

Here he is Frazer my 9lbs 9oz baby

Now he's 2 and full of laughter and the lurgy!
Not a bad mix for his wee party!!

Finn was a very good boy all day too, very happy with his Thomas party hat


It's not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself.
-- Joyce Maynard

Happy 2nd Birthday my wee man
I love you


Creative space #3

So another week has passed how did that happen? I feel like it has flown by.... But I do nearly have a sewing-room back after a rather brutal few days of order making! I hope to have it all done soon.

So Creatively I have been marching on with Finn's blanket, the main blanket is done.... Just the border to do now.

I have started it but I need a Yay or Nay from you guys.... Is it OK?
I personally think that the top, where I have done a double crochet x2 in each space (granny square-ish) Is causing it to have a slight kink/wave in the long sides of the border... Should I do a double crochet and a chain instead? Am I making sense? I hope so! Ah help! I am looking forward to getting on with the reverse single crochet!

I have to say the sides of the blanket looks just fine, and all that is, is the double crochet can you see the difference? I really wanted to get this done this week I reckon it is do-able. Do you lovely crochet readers have any suggestions? I really would love to hear them. I am longing to start another unfinished project!

Talking of unfinished Projects here's the list

* My Granny Mattie's Scarf (I have found the linen for it now)
* My Lady gray Jacket Gertie's sew-along (Mock up done)
* The boys bunting for the play house (Just to apply tape)
* My Grandad's quilt (To be bound)
* My gray dress (Zipper to do)
* Mends include replacing a waist band, belt loops, side seam in skirt
* Mends cont... Leather jacket, jumper sleeve
* Bag set Kelly's tutorial
* Crayon Rolls (buttons)
* My Crardi (knitting)
* My quilt
* My taggys
* Mum's tartan dress.

So there we are a honest list WOW that's a wee bit longer than I thought!!!

Oh well After all that I hope you've not forgotten any helpful crochet tips for Finn's blanket!!!

check out more crafty peeps over at Kirsty's

PS have you seen Kirsty's "noticing" posts.... very lovely indeed.


19 January 2011

Creative space #2

Kirsty's back so happy!!
She was never away but now
Is back

This week, I am still marching on with Finn's blanket, I am so so looking forward to getting this one finished!! It has been a long project, with many a long break taken!! Finn was 3 years old in August, and now understands that the blanket will be his when i'm done. I can't wait for the boys to be more involved in what I make them.

Any of you talented people got any ideas on a border for this lovely blanket??
I would love some inspiration for the ending of this project!!
Do you have any links???
I'm always looking for new peep's on ravelry!!

check out more crafty peeps over at

The ever talented Kirsty's


17 January 2011

Me stylish.... Gee Thanx


I have to say I've seen them about.... Now I have been Nominated
Have to say, I'm well chuffed!!!
My wee blog stylish who would have thought it well Emer seems to think so!
Thanx very much I have had a nose through the lovely MadebyEmer blog and it's full of crafty thrifty brilliance!!! I personally shall be keeping an eye on the posts from now on!

There are 4 duties to perform to accept the award:

1.Thank & link back to the person who nominated you TICK
2. Share 7 things about yourself TICK
3. Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered bloggers TICK
4. Contact these bloggers & tell them about the award TICK

So here goes


1. I am taking driving lessons, starting next week hoping to pass by September before Finn heads to nursery.
2. I would love to buy, and do up a caravan, so we can visit family & friends in Scotland more often & generally travel more.
3. I wish I could have 7 more hours in the week just for crafting.
4. I will be teaching myself more Spanish this year, as 1 day I would love to live in Spain.
5. I am so happy I decided to be a SAHM for my boys, think of all the baking and arts & crafts I would have missed out on!
6. I love vintage clutches, sewing patterns, dresses & lets not forget books
7. I love my Granny Mattie & can't wait to get over to see her this year x

Well that wasn't too hard!
And is very honest too

Now for my newly found stylish bloggers
I nominate the following in no particular order

ONE == Disney @ Ruffles & stuff
Fantastic Photography & tutorials

TWO == Violet @ Violet handmade boutique
Ace patterns & Inspiration

THREE == Dotty @ Totally Tutorials
If there's a tute your looking for you'll find it here!

FOUR == Jen O @ Pintucks style Vintage Fashion
I'm always waiting for the next post!

FIVE == Amy @ Thirty-Six-Ten
Now this lady can make jewelery. Stunning

SIX == Cathrine @ The sewing attic
Makes many a fab crafty project & always links the tute/pattern

SEVEN == Susan @ Living with punks
And this lady is just plain F-A-B!

EIGHT == Kell @ Kincavel Krosses
This is your 1 stop shop far all cross stitch needs

NINE == Colette patterns
This has fast become 1 of my fave blogs

TEN == Coco @ Coco stitch
A colourful blog, very more ish!

ELEVEN == Erica @ PS I made this
Another fast fave blog, Just pure brilliance

TWELVE == Tania @ Imagine Lovely
Two words; Simply lovely

THIRTEEN == Pouch @ Pouch
Vintage fabrics galore

FOURTEEN == Sandy @ Cookies And Cream
If your looking to get involved in something...

FIFTEEN == Bee @ Fresh comfort two
Endless quilting inspiration

Wow lots of blogs too look through there..... 15 is such a big number!!!!
I hope my regulars enjoy and my 15 new finds enjoy also......
Now i'm away for a well deserved cuppa & some crochet!!


11 January 2011

Location, location location.....

Another day of research for me....
Did you see this post well I have got to thinking already!

I have always wanted to get married, on a beach, no shoes, sunshine and my nearest and dearest there to see it all unravel.... Now I have kids and with this comes fear, fear of my wee boys well..... Drowning or being stolen to be honest! Yes this is very EXTREME I know, but my boys are my everything so safety is of the utmost importance, I am aware of the emotions running high, lots of people will be about and just as many things will be going on, and I just want to be happy in knowing I can be ecstatic on our day and know my children are safe. So I have re-think the venue to hold the wedding.....

This lovely white wash church has caused a involuntary sharp intake of breath...
(And eases my fear for the boys they are indoors and easier to maintain)

It is 45 mins From Malaga , in a town called Nerja, in Southern Spain, I have fallen for it, it's so well Spanish... I have heard nothing but good things about the area, the authentic Spanish feel, being the little potted window boxes, the cobbled streets, the cliff edge overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the lovely cafes, tapas bars,(the stunning white wash church of course) The promenade, the beach and well the bridal suite and hotel are said to be beautiful.... As well as a fantastic service and family friendly atmosphere too....

Costa del sol Has fantastic photos, labeled Balcón de Europa
Mari also has a fantastic internal pic too
This link has little videos of my white wash church

In awe

Just stunning

The Balcon De Europe

Hotel with a view huh!

Love it
(I would have to have the boys in their buggy though!)

Sea view

Now this is a promenade

So this is on my LUST list for a location, I'm sure lots of people will be thinking "But why does she want to have it somewhere other than Derry" And I have to say yes I can understand such a question, as Derry is stunning, it's green landscape, our familiarity which induces comfort and last but by no means least, the chapel (St Eugene's) Has a large part to play within the family, but this question can be answered, with just as much ease.....

I have always had a little picture in my head of the floaty dress, sunshine and to be and to be honest the ability to relax enjoy it, and for it to be a little holiday!
(I hear all you already married ladies having a wee snigger "Yeah right Traci")

You see I myself am a only child, and my mother is from a family of 3..... My Mr Phew is a whole different kettle of fish, he is from a family of 5 and his Ma a family of 13.... I am petrified of all the people... Intimidated would be another word, I would feel I was on parade... I know that a wedding has a air of that but, yes there is defiantly a "Oh My God " feeling going on in my tummy! (And not about Mr Phew just to clear any doubt!!)..... I would like to remember everyone, I would like to have a intimate day, with floaty-ness (Being the dress) with sun, with flat shoes and maybe a ankle bracelet....

And what I most certainly WANT,
Is for us to be able to look in to one another eyes,
And it all to be about us,
I don't want it to be about the size of the party,
The expensive dress,
The transport we use
It's not the event that is important
It's fact we've found one another.

Sorry if this has been a heavy post?!?!
I wanted to Log all my thoughts and links on the run up to the day
(which could be June-July 2011-2012)

Hope you don't mind!!!

Does anyone have any tips???
Any Do's & Don'ts????


10 January 2011

Recent obsession. Alice Lon - Petticoats

Well hello there, how are you all tonight, good Sunday???
I have had a fab Sunday.... I bought a few patterns from a lovely lady over in America... When they arrive I will write up a wee review, as I have found her to be most helpful and very cheap.

So other than the usual, housework & cooking I have been looking in to the....

And in particular the Alice Lon Petticoat

Isn't she just stunning.....

The petticoats she wore that had everyone talking, were not made by Alice but by her very lovely mother, as she explains in this interview. Along with a written tutorial.

But I managed to find this tutorial for the Alice's petticoat and it has pictures, I myself am much better with pics, I'm a visual gal!!

There is another blog post with videos of Alice here...

I found a couple of other tutorials too Sugardale, I have only just found and will catch up with reading her blog on later! Scarlet has a tutorial that looks good but the back ground kills me!

The Lovely Gertie has a video tutorial on her blog, with links to a anthro musing!

Do you know of any good patterns for the lovely Petticoat? I do sometimes wish we were back in the 50's, I mean they had such ace dress sense although the 30's can't be beat for exquisite clutches! OK OK that's for another post

Hope you enjoy reading, as much as I have enjoyed writing and looking out the links to share.


8 January 2011

Celebrations and vintage bags

So me and Mr Phew went for our Celebration dinner, it really was lovely, yummy food, no kids and no dishes.... I even managed to get a couple of vodkas in there too! It's just so nice to get a minute or a couple of hours like that, sometimes it's just all kids, also you always say we must go for a meal some time......when someone else buys the voucher (Pauline my friend gave it to us in a card) you have to use it!

So after our yummy meal we went to a wee bar,
check out the patch work seating cool huh!!

I was so pleased we got a little time to ourselves, but I also walked with a bit more of a spring in my step, as I got to take my vintage clutch out for a spin.... I mean look at her huh isn't she a bute!!


5 January 2011

2011's first Creative space...

Well, It's been Oh so long since a creative space over here at chez Traci.....
And well, it's all gonna be projects of 2010 I have not finished for a while. I have made a promise to myself to get all my WIP finished before I start anymore.... I have lots I want to start but, wait they shall!!

So here it is the blanket that was meant to be for Finn's Xmas.....
I really have been trying hard over the last few days get at least 1 row done a night, it is going OK....

Wish me lot's of luck!!!

And I hope you all are getting your Crafty time too!!