17 May 2010

1st quilt ever - cutting

wow so i have faced the fear...... and cut the fabric, i have changed a couple of fabric's the gray didn't work and the flowers are very cute....

all in all the cutting has gone well i feel one is slightly to small, and i stupidly cut the selvage off with most definite hindsight..... shouldn't have done that moron hope it's OK
oh well mustn't dwell!!!!

if you like the fabric check out this bag!!!!!

once again all fabrics are from mission hall



  1. Just take a deep breath and keep on going. I still have my first quilts that I made when I was 17 and they are definately not perfect, but I love them more than any "you beaut perfect, excellent first prize quilt." Put some love in them and it will be fine. XxNick

  2. I started my first quilt not long ago but I have not had the time to finish it, it has lots of mistakes and that stops me from continuing working with my quilt... Yours will be wonderful, please continue showing us your progress.

  3. wow, will look fantastic! happy quilting!


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