1 May 2010

3 years gone.....

so today is my dad's 3rd anniversary, he passed away when i was 6 months pregnant with my first boy Finn, it was cancer that got him like so many others...... he was only 46 years old.

he would have been a great grandpa.... i even bought a bib for Finn that said i love my grandpa, and sent it to him and asked him to hold on but he was so far into the cancer that it was to late, they took over 8months to diagnose my dad and then he went through grueling chemotherapy... he was told that he was in remition but passed away 3 week's later, i got to see him in the Marie-curie i was phoned at say 3 in the afternoon and was by his side by 9pm i was asked by family to please go sleep at my auntie's i did on the first night, but never slept a wink so i spent the next 2 days by his side reading him the news paper..... and chatting away... at 1.07pm 1st of may 3 years ago whilst i was holding his hand he slipped away......
my heart still aches so much, he was such a great man, every inch a character
he was
"more than my dad my best friend"

i love you dad
and miss you dearly

Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.
-- Lamartine

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