25 May 2010

he he he he my apron arrived :))))

so today was the day my FIRST swap arrived and i believe if it's anything like this then i shall SO be doing it again!!!

this is it
AND i love it

look at that heart

and this stitching done here you see the straight and then the zig-zag wow

and not a stitch out of place in this applique

with handy pockets too :)

i really do love the fabric combination fab fab fab

so without further adieu !!!!!!

a resounding round of applause from this end.......

so please put me out my misery Vicki please!!!!! did i do OK do you like it?!?!?!?!?



  1. Hiya - I love it :) and all the extra pretties you sneaked in the parcel :)

    I want to blog about it tonight but my camera has died and the borrowed one is driving me mad. I shall take some proper photos tomorrow (I have an idea) and do it a post that justifies its brilliance.

    Thanks for being a brilliant swap partner :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Of course I will.

    Yes it fits - I feel very glamorous in it.

    I love blog swaps - best fun ever :)

  4. so so glad to hear it was worried there it's getting late!!!! now remember Vicki?!?!?!? only good pic's now ignore the squiggly stitches!!
    i've had the best time hope it fit's ok xx
    stay in touch yes?!?!?! xx

  5. i still have my apron on i love to wear a apron when in the house make's me feel like a lady!!! proper 50's house wife!!!!! would have loved those times!!!! well i say that but i would probably be to gobby for for back then i'll just take the fashion!!!!

  6. Just found your blog via vintage vickis post about your beautiful apron. It was rather beautiful!
    Kandi x


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