19 May 2010

ruby red 19/05/10

is it Tuesday....... that mean's it's ruby red day!!!!!!

this week i have a red nightmare!!!!!!

i am taking part in the apron swap this month.....
so this is my bias that was meant to be for my hem?!?!?!?!?!
turns out it's the first ever bias that has ever run on me so i put it through the wash
i hear you!!!!! it was a mess.....
no worries though the bias is on now just a waist band to go
i so hope Vicki my swap partner likes it!!!!

watch this space for the reveal ..... after Vicki see's it!!!!



  1. You are being so mean and teasing me ;)

  2. sorry!!!!!
    hope i'm not building momentum and then you fall flat but i reckon not, what i lack in the abilities eg sewing in a vaguely straight line i will hopefully make up for in ambition!!! xx

  3. That is pretty red though. Happy Wednesday!

    Ruby Red Tuesday

  4. I think we are well matched :) I started the teasing :)

  5. i love that leafy fabric! will be keeping my eye out for the finished product

    thanks for visiting :)


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