6 May 2010

my creative space 06.05.10

hey there pep's!!!
so i have a few things going on this week!!!!!
yes the same as last week OK!!!! but i did get my sewing-room done....
and my dress yes my tunic to dress worked out well ( i shall post it later today) the zip isn't perfect but it's all about practice and practice i shall.... i have joined the 12 month challenge this month and it's all about zips!!! the little pouch well i never got that started but will attempt it this week!

also i have joined the 1st quilt ever now this is to be a labor of love so is a long term project.....

this fabric will be a knitting needle & crochet hook roll for me and granny mattie

i also plan to use old tee's as pj bottoms for Frazer!!!

check out more creative people over here!!!



  1. Great projects! Thanks so much for the quilt link...sounds exactly what I've been looking for...quilting for a newbie! Hope all is well :)

  2. Lots of projects in the pipeline! Look forward to seeing how it all comes together :)

  3. I have tackled two zips in my lifetime and they still unreasonably scare the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of me. Best of luck with that 12 month challenge...

  4. You are going to be busy :)

    Hows your apron making?? Mines almost finished ]:)


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