22 May 2010

vicki, how do ya like it how do you like it!

hey there Vicki
just to let you know....... I'm ready sorry if i took to long.....

your long awaited apron is finished!!!!!
i so can't wait i hope that you like it
so my first ever swap huh weeeeee!!!


have to go check my emails do i have your address ?!?!?!
I'll go check!!!
so will we mail our little bundles of lovely swapness on Monday?!?!?!



  1. Evening :)

    Nearly missed this - my dashboard is overloaded with unread blog posts *oops*

    I have an email from you somewhere - I shall send you my address :)

  2. so we'll mail tomorrow?!?!?!?
    i'm smiling ear to ear!!!!
    can't wait!!!!!


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