6 May 2010

tunic "2" dress done!!!!

so here it was my tunic from a second hand shop it was in my creative space last week
after much indecision i went for buttericks no. b4386

i am happy with the way it turned out.... even if it is super short and minus the pockets!!! i will use this pattern again easy to do and in good time.... well when the kids let you get on that is!!!

i even got the pattern at the sides to match too :))))

this is my first solo zip also... i normally wait till i get to my sewing class or go visit them and ask for help!!! i used these tutorials for help
so this is the start of my month challenge intrigued???

check out my creative space this week!!



  1. awesome tunic...you look great in it!

    psst. come check out the Pink Lady Giveaway at my blog
    http://onestylemile.blogspot.com/ when you have sometime.

    xo. Persis.

  2. Love it! You've taken something that Granny would wear and turned it into something fun and funky. (love the boots by the way)


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