1 May 2010

fix-it-friday 01.05.2010

so this fix it friday was all about patches!!!
& sewing-room fairy's!!!

this bear has been in need for mending for about say 4-5 years I've loved it form a distance say on top of my wardrobe!!! but Frazer seen it so i figured fix it friday.... I'm on my way!!!

next for patching was my lovely buggy snuggle blanket!!!!!

and then my granny matties lovely crochet blanket too..... both got caught under the wheels much to my ignorance till i came home and said........ "oh noooo"

so here we go..... patches :)))))
happy Traci !!!! the patches are from a thrift find long ago.... yes a bed sheet!!!!


so here is where my writing desk and over-locker table are meant to be!!!!


how's this for needing to stash bust huh!!!!!

tada...... so it's more like organized chaos now!!!!

this is what has spurred me om my man got me a cutting table yes to other people this is just a old dining table but to me it's a hell of a lot more!!!

this is my fav
look at the loveliness i now have to place all kind of sewing goodies in!!!!

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