24 May 2010

brown little packages......

well hello there.....
so here they are and there they go !
I'm off to post my swap & giveaway parcels

the bottom one is for my swap partner Vicki vintage soooooo can't wait we're both posting today this is my first swap and Vicki you have been so much fun!!!!!

the top on is for Tracy over in US i hope your wee boy love's the winnings of your giveaway!!!!!

well on to the next project but first..... a wee jaunt to the pre-loved shops
have a good day y'all

ps i'm at 47 followers so keep an eye out for my 50 coz then there will be another




  1. I am sure he's going to love them! :D And again, thank you for your wonderful giveaway! I can't wait until they do another one. I'll be getting in on it as well. :)...hopefully!

  2. hey there Tracy
    just to let you know i put it through on surface mail sorry but it may take a while but it'll be worth the wait!!!! xx


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