16 May 2010

mmmmmm rummaging :)))

happy Sunday y'all :))))

my library is a firm fav for me when it comes to book's and sanity....
but i do love when i see that particular shelve with sale written on it!!!!!

this week i bought 2 fiction book's not read fiction recently... it's been sewing sewing sewing book's of late but i feel it's time to "loose myself" in some good old fiction!!!
also there was a cross stitch book at 15p each i can see my little book shelve collapsing soon!!!!

also the blue cord underneath is a whopping 7 yard's and all for £4.... with little boys it's just the ticket!!! ps if you know of any good patterns for boy's that would suit the fabric then please do leave a comment :))))
check out more rummagers over here

also if you fancy winning some free stuff!!!!
i will be hosting a giveaway tomorrow so watch this space and others over at sew mama sew too


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