31 May 2010

sew-along fun pt1

so Kelly is holding a sew-along for this bag set

these are the fabric's i have chosen they are all from my stash as i am meant to be gaining control of my ever growing stash..... i do hope it turn's out ok the colours may be a tad hectic together!!!!

check out the link i think it's going to be fun fun fun


30 May 2010

rummaging again!!!

this week has been very fruitful in the pre-loved world!!!

i am a one for boxes and this one will hold may a treasure in my sewing-room!!! and the cushion cover has already been taken apart i plan to make vintage style brooches with it...

these place mats are "TO DIE FOR" i love 'em.... I'm thinking maybe a bag?!?!?!

the picture with frame at the back was such a find so me, very much looking forward to "finding" my picture hook's bet their in a safe place!!! the wool and material will be put to good use plans are in the making!!!

and this lovely bundle was a gift from my mother-in-law just in time for my baby quilt plans so happy as Finn's will be blue and Frazer's will be red so i now have the backing for both!!!!



29 May 2010

my giveaway win :)))))

so during the sew mama sew giveaway bonanza... i won theses lovely pieces of fabric from the val......

i do love getting parcel's in the post especially from blog-land

this lady is T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D her latest post is handmade at it's best i will enjoy reading her posts from now on a lady to aspire too :)) well worth a peek!!!

now what to make huh!!!!


26 May 2010

my creative space 26/05/10

so another Thursday is upon us :)))
time to say hi to Kristy hello there!!!

i can now put up pic's of my apron i made for the apron swap over at Sarah's

I'm glad to say my swap partner was happy with the turn out

I'm so proud of this even if the bias was a bloody nightmare!!!!

i have got my quilt top done just the border then I'm on to the back!!!!
i managed to do this only because of care thanx care :))

and last but not least in my creative space nearly every night is my crochet blanket loving this very therapeutic..... pattern is from bella

i have other bit's and bob's going on but these are the main ones.... i seem to put up to much every week so nothing new just a catch up for the next couple of weeks!!!!

check out more creative spaces over at kirstys


25 May 2010

ruby red 25/05/10

my apron swap parcel arrived this morning
check out this post to see more red
thanx again vicki
i love it!!

check out more redness

he he he he my apron arrived :))))

so today was the day my FIRST swap arrived and i believe if it's anything like this then i shall SO be doing it again!!!

this is it
AND i love it

look at that heart

and this stitching done here you see the straight and then the zig-zag wow

and not a stitch out of place in this applique

with handy pockets too :)

i really do love the fabric combination fab fab fab

so without further adieu !!!!!!

a resounding round of applause from this end.......

so please put me out my misery Vicki please!!!!! did i do OK do you like it?!?!?!?!?


24 May 2010

brown little packages......

well hello there.....
so here they are and there they go !
I'm off to post my swap & giveaway parcels

the bottom one is for my swap partner Vicki vintage soooooo can't wait we're both posting today this is my first swap and Vicki you have been so much fun!!!!!

the top on is for Tracy over in US i hope your wee boy love's the winnings of your giveaway!!!!!

well on to the next project but first..... a wee jaunt to the pre-loved shops
have a good day y'all

ps i'm at 47 followers so keep an eye out for my 50 coz then there will be another



23 May 2010

sunday citar 23/05/10

To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?
-- Katherine Graham

22 May 2010

vicki, how do ya like it how do you like it!

hey there Vicki
just to let you know....... I'm ready sorry if i took to long.....

your long awaited apron is finished!!!!!
i so can't wait i hope that you like it
so my first ever swap huh weeeeee!!!


have to go check my emails do i have your address ?!?!?!
I'll go check!!!
so will we mail our little bundles of lovely swapness on Monday?!?!?!


virtual rummage

this week my rummaging was all on the web
eBay to be precise

i bought these vintage patterns from one seller for only £5.60 + p&p
and i have more en-route mmmmm

i also got these lot of embroidery hoop's & magnetic count on eBay from another seller for £4.50 + p&p

i have just taken on the utmost challenge you must go check it out

i can now be a vintage queen in modern fabric and maybe the odd old vintage too and now even with plain fabric's i can be creative too with embroidery or at least try!!!#

there's a few pattern's & hoop's i shall be putting up for swaps soon so watch this space if you fancy!!

check out more rummagers over at sophie's

my utmost challenge 22/05/10

so i have been in training for this utmost challenge for about a month now and i have decided to take the leap.....

this is tiff's guide lines this also pic link's you to her page too so you can go check here out... tiff is holding a fab weekend get together for crafters alike i so with i live a bit closer but i think the uk is just a bit to far away!!!!

so here i am my friend's think i am crazy but my blog friend's i hope will be more positive!!!!

i have got a few guide lines for myself whilst on this year long journey.....

  • i will only buy clothes from thrift shop's
  • i will buy "tool's" eg fabric, notion's, wool, patterns &book's to aid me used if i can
  • shoe's i feel will be a bit of both!!
  • i will try to do some kid's clothes too
  • i shall try to always buy thrifty good's for the house
i shall stand by these rules for the next 12 months
and when i say try i will i mean with all my might BUT if my hoover breaks no harm to you buy i'll be buying a new one kid's are messy creatures!!!!!

i hope that my utmost challenge will aid me is self teaching seamstresness!!!! wish me luck!!!



so can we have a drum roll please

i managed to get it down to 4 but finn picked the winner out of his ride on!!!

Tracy said... My son seems to LOVE tags. I've even caught
him sucking on his tags on his shirts! So the throw would
work wonders. Especially now that we're trying to break him
of the pacifier. UGH! And wouldn't it figure, we're both
Traci/Tracy's. :D Oh and the sweaters would fit my son.
He's in that size clothes.

i shall mail you now and get your address



if any one would like a chance to own one of my tag comforters and or my granny Mattie's hand knitted lovelies then all you have to do is leave a comment as to what you would like to offer as a swap swap swap.....

i would love to have some crafty inspiration for my sewing room.... eg a pin cushion, a craft apron, wall hanging, crochet flower, i could go on but I'll leave it to you my lovely lovely reader's. i hope you all stay around for a while and we get to know each other maybe some new crafty friends will be made!!!!!

i hope my pic's help inspire y'all!!!!!


19 May 2010

creative space 19.05.10

another week has passed me by, to say it's been hectic is a understatement
both boys had fall's & have injured one another
i know i know they are boys this will happen!!!! oh well enough of that chat let's talk sewing!!!!
i have been going along with first ever quilt tutorial
and i am about to sew my top together rather excited to say the least!!!!

these are my squares
they should measure 8.5 but I'm shy on quite a few but this is my first quilt so hey ho I'm learning!!!!

i have recently finished a day course in sewing curved pieces this is my bag that i managed to get finished i reckon the course was ace and i shall be able to incorporate it into alot of my work

this is a close up

check out my give away if you have time closing tonight some time :))

head on over to kirsty's for more crafting


ruby red 19/05/10

is it Tuesday....... that mean's it's ruby red day!!!!!!

this week i have a red nightmare!!!!!!

i am taking part in the apron swap this month.....
so this is my bias that was meant to be for my hem?!?!?!?!?!
turns out it's the first ever bias that has ever run on me so i put it through the wash
i hear you!!!!! it was a mess.....
no worries though the bias is on now just a waist band to go
i so hope Vicki my swap partner likes it!!!!

watch this space for the reveal ..... after Vicki see's it!!!!


17 May 2010

1st quilt ever - cutting

wow so i have faced the fear...... and cut the fabric, i have changed a couple of fabric's the gray didn't work and the flowers are very cute....

all in all the cutting has gone well i feel one is slightly to small, and i stupidly cut the selvage off with most definite hindsight..... shouldn't have done that moron hope it's OK
oh well mustn't dwell!!!!

if you like the fabric check out this bag!!!!!

once again all fabrics are from mission hall


mmmm bag love......

do you remember me wittering on about some sewing curved project,
i had a Saturday off from the kid's well i say off, 4 hours but that's mega for me especially if I'm sewing aaahhhh happiness was all over my face.

i took my class here at mission hall
with the lovely orna....

this is the back of my new fav bag...
i adore the fabric.....

as you can see from this pic I've had a accident with it already....
i was so excited about showing it off i took it out with me the other day, and it got a very slight whole in it from my buggy wheels :( but i beleive the way to look at it is that i can now either embellish it OR do more curve piecing practice

here's a close up

this is the inside with all it's binding and a pocket with my fav fabric

the handles are patched but not curved

i am mega proud of this and plan to do even more....


16 May 2010

oh no poor banana cake!!!!

so i have just made a banana cake......
i got the recipe from Vicki my apron swap partner here

i feel i must have gone wrong along the way HELP!!!!!
was it the tin i used????? i didn't know the size so just filled is 2/3's
was it the wholegrain self raising flour?????
OR is it that my oven is fan assisted????

basically it's a little burnt on the outside.....& a bit more stodgy on the inside?!?!?!?!

if your reading this vicki.....

i did put the remainder of the mix in a oven dish with 4 spaces they got slightly more crispy but they still tasted dam good, i must get this on right as it would be a good snack for me and the boys to make and eat......


sunday citar

All misfortune is but a stepping stone to fortune.
-- Henry David Thoreau

more word's


my love affair with the crochet dishcloth continue's....

i have discovered a world of free dishcloth pattern's here are some link's
so pep's is anyone with me?????
why buy dishcloth's when you can make 'em !!!!

PS I've not done any of these but i will be starting one tonight.....
watch this space...


more bookmark love!!!

so another day another MOTHER LOAD of bookmarks!!!!

hope you enjoy having a wee look through!!!!

i hope you enjoy mostly tutorials today....


mmmmmm rummaging :)))

happy Sunday y'all :))))

my library is a firm fav for me when it comes to book's and sanity....
but i do love when i see that particular shelve with sale written on it!!!!!

this week i bought 2 fiction book's not read fiction recently... it's been sewing sewing sewing book's of late but i feel it's time to "loose myself" in some good old fiction!!!
also there was a cross stitch book at 15p each i can see my little book shelve collapsing soon!!!!

also the blue cord underneath is a whopping 7 yard's and all for £4.... with little boys it's just the ticket!!! ps if you know of any good patterns for boy's that would suit the fabric then please do leave a comment :))))
check out more rummagers over here

also if you fancy winning some free stuff!!!!
i will be hosting a giveaway tomorrow so watch this space and others over at sew mama sew too


13 May 2010

mayday giveaway

hello there new and old-faithful reader's
come in , why not get a cuppa on the go and have a wander!!!

so here we are




a one of my little tag comforters
these wee lovelies have been a hit my boy's and many other babies
my boys would have always looked for that smooth label on there store bought blanket's and hey presto here's my version

i have been selling these through a really nice shop in town called
it's worth a wee look so vibrant

as well as wee blanket i will be giving away these lovely lovely hand knitted top's from my very much loved granny Mattie she's one hell of a knitter.....
and all off the top of her head too
what a woman huh!!!!!

here is the pattern up close

and again
measurements are......
inside arm = 24-25cm
arm to waist = 24-25cm
back = 34-35cm
I'd say age 12m-18m
for boy or girl...

so do you like the look of these goodies?!?!?!
maybe for your new one????
or a friend you have in mind........

so how do i win Traci ?!?!?!?!?
OK i hear you.......
YOUR IN !!!!!!!

so here go's
then leave a comment as to why you should win and whether you would like a boy's or girls tag comforter... be sure to leave emailness!!!!
i am a sentimental kinda girl with a sense of humor.... just thought I'd add that to aid you in your comment inspiration

good luck everyone :))

entry end's on the 20th


giveaway giveaway!!!!

so i shall be taking part in the
sew mama sew may day giveaway
on the 17th-20 of may

i will be

one of my tag comforters

one of my much loved
lovingly hand knitted top's which i still have to choose....

for your chance to win some lovingly hand crafted good's for your wee one or for a pressie that new arrival!!!!!