5 October 2012

Sewing class & crochet TaDa AKA Creative space (Blogtoberfest#1)

Hello there.. New readers and old... I welcome you both with open arms!!!
So this is my first (yes I'm late!!) BLOGTOBERFEST post, This year blogtober is being held over at I Saw You Dancing where Kat is hosting this year, to give our vetron Cathy over at {tinniegirl} a much deserved break, Giveaway goodness is still over with Cam at Curlypops...

Blogtoberfest is held on October and is a chance to meet other bloggers and get you blogging up to full speed (for me anyways!!) That means a blig post a day... I have been at a low seep of say 1 post every 4 days. So I'm shaking things up around here... So on to the post!!

How is everyone???

We are great here, the boys are happy at school/nursery and I am loving school too!! I am now officially back in learning. I am studying Garment Making as well as Accountancy & finance, I am going to find the latter a challenge but the Garment Making is brilliant I just love it. I am oh so inspired, it's so good to be surrounded by like minded souls! Everyone abuzz with ~ Oh where did you get that fabric? ~ What a lovely pattern ~ How long have you been sewing....

The class is for 2 hours. So it wasn't all chatting, I managed to get some sewing done... Now this has been in the stash for sooooo long both fabric (Michael Miller if I remember rightly) & Amy Butler pattern.

I am proud I was able to get the fabric match so well with the darts, I have to say I was a little worried!!

I am loving the darts... But am aware I need a tailors ham or a good tutorial for one?!?!?
Now for my crochet TaDa...

This has been a frustration but highly rewarding project.. I have to say I got just a little board of it I like a project with a less repetitive air about it!!!

I really enjoyed putting in the beads... It's my first time adding beads to a crochet project, I would defo recommend it. It gives the project that little bit of flair!!

This is the back view..

Look at how yummy it is!!!
The pattern is by Erika knight ~ Beaded Cobweb Wrap
The wool is Debbie Bliss ~ Party Angel
You can find me on ravelry Handmadehappiness

I have to say I think this was SOOO worth the work, and my mother in-law loves it!! It is a belated birthday present. I have a beaded lavender heart on my sewing table.. I plan on making a drawstring dust bag for the wrap.. Any good tutes you know of?!?!?

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  1. I love that wrap - I've never added beads to crochet either, and you are definitely inspiring me!

    1. It is defo worth looking into... I really think it finished this project off!!! Glass beads are best... I think gutterman seem to be the mojst consistent :) Happy beading!!

  2. Hi I'm just popping over to say hello to a fellow "blogtoberfest-er" Love the dress you made - great fabric. Good luck with your course!

    1. llo there Quilary, The fabric had to be cut in to been fawning over it for too long!! Hope to see you again soon ;) x


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