9 October 2012

Flea market finds.... Blogtoberfest #6

Hello on this yet another crisp morning in October....

I have to say I am loving October cold ~ Yes for sure but the sun is lovely, and the colours well to die for!! I have a list as long as my arm of things I should be doing but luckily enough for me blogging is on o them... Thanx Blogtoberfest 2012!!!
I have a huge stash of vintage sheets to show you, but to photograph them I must find them. And to say that my sewing room has been neglected is a understatement. Sooo I shall show you my latest find.. And have a little build up till I show you the rest...
So here she is...
Isn't she fab I love the colours they just seem to pop... Oh so very bright, vibrant! I plan on making a fleeced back rag quilt for a friend with this using white cotton too.. I don't think I'll manage to find the pinks to match it. Also I think the sheet is enough of a statement..

And my book collection grows.. This book was given to the boys so not so much a find but vintage and brilliant all the same.. It is a first edition and in great condition.... UNTIL I spilt coffee on the edges :( (and on the same day I burnt my hand too) Coffee was not my friend that day!!! 
Well that's it for my just now must get on with this endless list... Before the boys finish school!!!
Happy Tuesday everyone..

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