4 October 2012

Now that's a crisp morning....

Good morning peeps...
I just thought I'd pop in and say hello
It's defo changing seasons here in Derry.

Check this out for a crisp morning
Chilly chilly out here
Anyways hope you enjoy the pic.. I'm off to my Accountancy & book-keeping course, I was at my Garment making course yesterday I have the beginnings of a jacket I stated forever ago to show you. I hope I get some decent light, So I can get the photos done..
Have a great Thursday


  1. Quite jealous of that Garment Making course (not so jealous of the other!). Definitely looks chilly! And our seasons are doing the opposite...

    1. Hello Thornberry :o) Not long back form my class I think the accountancy is going to challenge.. But I want to learn all aspects of running a business. Loving the garment making, so good to be around like minded people and getting a focused sewing time. I would love to see a bit of sunshine.. little jealous of you way over there!! x


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