21 October 2012

Abakhan Fabrics ~ Sewing Seams For Fifteen #2 Blogtoberfest #21

Well hello there peeps...

How is everyone's Sunday going?? We are happy here at chez Traci, It's a very lazy Sunday for sure!!

This post has been a long time coming (Sorry Will)


So here it is "Sewing Seams For Fifteen" #2
What's it all about I hear you say, well it's all about making a garment or 2 for £15 or under... And all from the same place.. The ever Inspiring Abakhan Fabrics, they have a wealth of fabrics, patterns, habredashery, woolly good~ness

This month we are making a lovely top with ruffles.... I need those ruffles, so yummy and made with charmeuse, they scream luxuary!!!
This is the first time I have ever used Charmuse befor and it was not as scary as people were making out if I am honest.... I done alot of reaserch and toilet roll seems to be the answer!!!!
This is THEE ruffles front view with the flash...

And side view in overcast natural light!!

This is a button I would never go for it normally, But on this occassion it defo suits the pattern and fabric!!
This is the side view, sorry about the overcast pics!!
Now on to the clutch...
This pattern wasn't with the simplicity top pattern, BUT there are so so many tutorials out there. I found a couple I liked and used a little of both.. Here & here..... I added a few beads too just to add a bit of WoW!!
This was a good tip from Kill them with craftiness... It makes a great neat finish!
My lovely JEM at work.... JEM is my new sewing machine and she's a Janome, I have always had a Brother machine. My mind may have been changed though, I have found a love for the... Purring noise you could call it that my JEM has.. She has limited stitches but hey I can sooo work with that... I mean if I get to grips with my overlocker I may not need another machine for some time yet!!!
Anyways things I learnt during this long winded project... I found that sandwiching the toilet roll in between your fabric (I forgot to take a pic) makes the fabric way easier to control, Starch defo helps with the cutting proces.. And last but by no means least if you plan to use intefacing, then defo use SEW-IN it leaves you with a much better finish.... I found that Gertie has some fab tips... You should defo read the comments too!!

So what do I need to make this fab duo??

You need to head on over to

And pick up the following (or similar if sold out)
Simplicity pattern 1831 ~ £3.44

Charmuse fabric (2x=) ~ £6.50

Enclosed Zip ~ £1.15

Nylon lining ~ £1.09
Total £14.70!!
With a whole 30 pence to spare!!!

How's that for looking fab for under 15 quid!!!!
Just as a wee foot note...
 3 things I'm loving over at Abakhan Fabrics
1 ~ They have added a new delivery section so there are way less people being left out!
2 ~ There is now a swimwear & Lingerie section!
3 ~ The also now stock Kwick Sew patterns too!

Well that's instalment #2

Let me know what you think peeps... Of this post and of the site, a little constructive criticism goes a long way!

Happy Sunday


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